Five Social Media Business Blog Goal Questions

tips on setting social media goals for your blog

tips on setting social media goals for your blog

Two evils of marketing: Failing to plan, and not working your plan. With spring approaching (where did winter go?), it is time to evaluate or create your Social Media Goals. To get you started in writing this year’s goals, consider answering the following five questions:

1. What is my primary business purpose for social media?

  • To continue to promote brand awareness of your company, products or services;
  • To directly sell a product or service;
  • To connect and follow up with current clients; and finally
  • To increase exposure and aid your other specific marketing efforts.

The easy answer is “All of the above,” but your first question is to really answer “Why is my business on social media?”

How do I know if my blog is a business?

  • Do you plan to sell books on your blog?
  • Do you hope to run ads on your blog?
  • Do you plan to sell classes or webinars?
  • Do you want to have a membership site?
  • Do you hope that people will hire you for services?

2. What is social media success to me?

Based on your purpose listed above, this answer will look very different for every business. For some of you, there is no clear and measurable answer. However, I want you to set goals for success even if it is only monitoring exposure. Some good real- life examples are:

  • To sell 10,000 copies of my eBook with social media over a six-month period.
  • To increase the number of customers in my restaurant by 10% through social media in one year.
  • To triple the number of people who subscribe and read my blog over 18 months.

These examples are very specific and measurable. Some other less traceable examples are:

  • To find everyone on social media who is in need of my services and push them to my ‘Service’ page on my website.
  • To follow my existing clients and occasionally remind them of my ancillary services.

3. Are the numbers behind social media exposures (aka impressions) increasing in my campaign?

For all the unmeasurable intangibles in social media, there are many pieces that can and should be tracked:

  • Did my Twitter followers increase from 500 to 1000?
  • How many people landed on my blog from Twitter or Facebook?
  • In the past 12 months, did the number of email subscribers from my blog go from 200 to 1000 thanks to social media?

These are examples of growing numbers that you can trace, view, and track.

4. What NEW areas of social media would help my business grow?

There are now over 100 different social media platforms and 19 that are extremely popular.

  • Are there new platforms that could really help my business?
  • Is it time to grow beyond my Facebook fan page and create a Google+ business page?
  • Is my business benefiting from an Instagram account?

What was working great a year ago doesn’t necessarily work well today. Do research to see where most of your audience is spending their time.

5. What existing successful area of social media can I improve?

  • If, in the previous year you wrote a blog post a week, could you write two per week this year?
  • Last year, you updated your business Facebook Wall daily, but are you going to other business pages to Like and Comment on their content?

What can you do differently to grow and expand the areas that you do well? Social media is a means to connect and stay connected with more people than you could otherwise engage normally. What can you improve?

Like all other forms of marketing, being consistent is half the battle. 2014 is going to be a great year for businesses to gain from social media. Have a social media plan, then work the plan. Good luck in writing your Social Media Business Goals!

What other questions help you in your 2015 social media business goal planning? How do you measure social media social media success? What do you expect to get out of social media in 2015?

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