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How To Add A Single Space In WordPress And Remove The Double Space

How To Easily Remove The Double Space In WordPress

Have you ever been typing away in WordPress and suddenly realized that everything is double spaced?

It is annoying!

For the longest time I resolved this issue by heading to the html tab in WordPress and backspacing but there is an easier way. It isn't perfect but at least there is a single space solution.

When typing in WordPress and you want a single space line all that you have to do is hold down the shift button on your keyboard and hit enter.

How To Easily Remove The Double Space In WordPress

If for some reason the shift + enter method does not work for you, there is another way. You can switch to the HTML tab (see image below) in WordPress and backspace your lines.

Note: Make sure and switch back to the Visual tab for easy editing.

How To Easily Remove The Double Space In WordPress

WordPress is my absolute favorite website and blogging platform but it does have a fair share of quirks. The double space default is one of the quirks but at least there is a work around.

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