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Thrive Leads is our go-to email opt-in tool. It just so happens to also be an easy to use WordPress Plugin that only costs $67 a year. Thrive Leads makes list building easy! You can create beautiful opt-in forms of all types without needing to know a bit of code. Consider this page your Thrive Leads hub. Below you will find links to blog post tutorials, reviews, tutorial videos and more about the options of Thrive Leads. If you have a specific question about whether or not Thrive Leads is right for you email me at renee @ iteachblogg .com and I will be happy to help.

What makes Thrive Leads Different?

  • Reports right in your WordPress Dashboard
  • Countless Templates that are easy to customize
  • Smart Exit
  • Easy to use A/B Testing
  • Trigger options for each form
  • Animation options for each form

Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

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How To Quickly Connect Thrive Leads To MailChimp

Thrive Leads is the best WordPress Plugin for creating email opt-in forms that I have ever used. In this review, you will see the features that convinced me.

Thrive Leads is my go to tool for list building. I have tried out quite a few tools but none of them offered all of the full features that Thrive Leads does. Also, with Thrive Leads there is no monthly charge.​

Are you ready to start building your email newsletter? If so, I hope that you are using Thrive Leads and WordPress. With this winning combo you will build beautiful WordPress Pop Ups that people will pay attention to.

How To Change The Order Of A Thrive Lead Optin

Are you trying to figure out why your Thrive Leads opt-in form isn't showing up? It is possible that you need to set the order.

Thrive Leads has what they call lead groups. Lead groups are lead by a hierarchy. Basically whichever one is on top is what will show up next. 

How To Quickly Connect Thrive Leads To MailChimp

Thrive Leads has an API connections feature. Simply put, this means that it is now quick and easy to connect your email software with your opt-in plugin. The advantage of an API connection is that you no longer need to copy and paste long pieces of code each time you want to create an email opt-in on your blog.

Thrive Leads Tutorial: How To Change Opt-In Background Color

One of the advantages of using Thrive Leads to grow your email list is that you can easily change the look of the opt-in form without using code.

Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

Thrive Leads Tutorial Videos

How To Create A Spectacular WordPress Pop Up With Thrive Leads Video Tutorial

How To Embed An Email Optin In Your Blog Post With Thrive Leads Video

How To Connect Thrive Leads To MailChimp Video Tutorial

Thrive Lead Opt-In Order

Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

Thrive Leads Opt-In Form Types

Popup (Lightbox)

Opt-In Ribbon

In-Content Forms

2-Step Opt-In Form

Slide-In Opt-In

Sidebar Opt-In Widget

Screen Take-Over

Content Lock Opt-In

Multiple Choice Opt-In

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