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Thrive content builder text link tutorial

Just the other day someone reached out to me and asked how on earth they could add a text link using Thrive Content Builder. She had built a landing page but just wasn't sure about the text link feature.

In this quick tutorial you will learn how to use this feature along with a tip on no-follow links. Also, we will cover when you should have a link open in a new tab and when you shouldn't.

How to add a link when using Thrive Content Builder
This is a quick step-by-step on how to use Thrive Content Builder and the no-follow option.
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  1. Thrive Content Builder
  2. A Link
  3. A Post Built With Thrive Content Builder
  1. Copy your chosen link into your computer clipboard
  2. Open your page or post with Thrive Content Builder
  3. Highlight the text that you want to link
  4. Click inside "search or add url"
  5. Paste in your URL
  6. Click 'Open In New Window if so desired'
  7. Click 'No Follow Link if so desired'
  8. Click 'Insert Link'
  9. Save your changes
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A Tip on Follow Links by WordStream

What is a Follow Link?

To really understand what is going on with follow vs. no follow links, we need to provide a bit of background about how most links work in the realm of SEO. When a site page gets an inbound link, which is a hyperlink pointing to that page, the page gets a small SEO boost. Think of a link as a point, and the more links you have, the more points. More Points = Winning, like Charlie Sheen.

So the question that you have ask yourself is, do you want to provide the site that you are linking to a bit of SEO juice or not.

An example of a link that you probably want to no follow is an affiliate link. The link that I provided above to WordStream will be a do follow link.

They provided great value and I am using a snippet from their blog post. In my opinion that is the perfect reason to pass a long some link juice.

Make sure that you read their full blog post because they do a great job of explaining what is happening here.

When should you open a link in a new tab?

The link above will be opened in a new tab because I am having you leave the site. Once you close their site, I want you to easily and quickly come back to this blog post.

If I was doing an internal link (a link to another blog post on this blog), I would possibly have it open in the same tab.

Each time that you provide your readers with a link, you are taking them on a journey. So ask yourself, where do you want the reader to go on this journey? If you want the end to be the current blog post, then have the link open in a new tab. If you want the reader purely focused on that linked page then have it open in the same tab.


Links on your blog hold a great deal of power. In some ways, they may be the secret to all things SEO. Take a few moments and consider what you want to happen with those links. Don't just pass link juice with each and every link. Sometimes those links really do need to be no follow.

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