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Goal setting tips

Should You Punish Yourself When You Don’t Achieve Your Goal?

This morning I was listening to a podcast and the guest said something kind of fascinating. I have heard it before but that is true of most things that I hear.The only “heard” that really matters is when it makes you go Holy SH&!.The podcast guest shared a tip and the host said “That is […]

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28 What if the key to success is to keep going even when it sucks?

Entrepreneur Tip Of The Day: The Key Is To Just Do Something And Don’t Stop

There are exactly eleventy billion webinars for you to attend today.If that isn’t enough for you to think about, there are also one million six hundred and seventy two motivational quotes for you to read.When you are done with all of that you will absolutely want to try something new in your business. It turns […]

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Entrepreneur Tip Of The Day-Are You Drinking Enough Water

Entrepreneur Tip Of The Day: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Why on earth does drinking water matter to an entrepreneur?Seriously, this is a real question right? If anything it will keep us from working. How? Well, think about it!Because of water we will spend more time away from our desk.By the way, that time away from our desk is a great break for our brain. […]

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38 Entrepreneurial Tip Of The Day: Why Are You So Busy?

Entrepreneurial Tip Of The Day: Why Are You So Busy?

I have a challenge for you today! Do ALL of your work in 4 hours.No this isn’t some sexy Tim Ferris 4 hour work week thing. This is about a story that I heard recently and a personal experience.Each month John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson record a podcast where they discuss their monthly income, […]

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