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4 What should you blog about?

Is This The First Thing That You Should Do When You Want To Blog?

 Since I love blogging and blog about blogging, I figure that it is important that I Google around about blogging too. ​ Did you see what I did right there? I fit that word into one sentence four times. Right on! So when I did this, I started reading other people’s blogging tips. There are some amazing list […]

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You should do blog market research

Warning, This Is Going To Be A Lot Of Work. Do Market Research For Your Blog

Have you started blogging already? Are you considering starting a new blog? Regardless of where you are in the blogging process, I recommend that you set aside some time and do some market research. It is important to check in on the digital pulse and see how you measure up. This is why you should do a digital […]

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